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Microservices architecture is the current trend in terms of software development. But what is really the microservices architecture? The concept consists in breaking down the application in small key functions that we call services that suffice specific application needs. Email or User management are examples of common application services. The services are modular and can be deployed and developed without affecting each other. …

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The Stack

The MVC or model-view-controller is a design pattern that separates an application into three main components: Models, Views, and Controllers. To put it simply, models manage data, views present data, controllers are an interface for the other ones.

This MVC application will be built with the Nodejs run environment. Nodejs uses the google V8 engine that allows the execution of JavaScript code outside of a web browser. The single thread event loop model architecture with non-blocking I/O operations provides a way for the handling of concurrent requests without the need of creating multiple threads. These characteristics make Nodejs a good…


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